Code Club Round Up


It has been a very productive term in Code Club. We have started using a new set of projects designed by the Raspberry Pi organisation to increase the coding independence of our Code Club Makers.

This project sequence first explores techniques, then helps makers to practice these skills and finally helps them independently invent a solution to a supplied project brief. This blog, New free resources for young people to become independent digital makers contains lots of useful information. Makers are also encouraged to reflect on their learning using multiple choice revision quizzes.

Code Club has been amazing, fun, fab and fantastic!

Green Goals – Y6

In this project, children from Y6 Code Club worked hard to create their own websites in Google Sites. The children were tasked with creating an animation using the The United Nations United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as their focus.

The five environment-focused goals are:

How we did it

The sites the pupils created include a number of Scratch projects to develop specific skills. They then learned how to create a website to share the 5 Development goals.

They are packed full of information and include games to play. We have shown a selection of the club’s work below. Simply click the links to visit each website (note: you may need to sign into your Google account to view them):

Air Pollution by George T

Our Unique Planet by Clem

Earth Day by Hannah

Ocean Pollution by Grace

Lily’s Solution to Plastic Pollution by Lily S

What the children said about this term:

We have been improving our computing skills. We have had lots of projects during which we have learned different skills by making games, creating sprites, adding movement and changing variables.