Pyjamas for Children’s Book Day

Photos are starting to come in to show that some of you took up our challenge!

Here is what Mrs Player did today….

I’ve been in my favourite dotty pj’s all day. I’ve enjoyed my favourite children’s story, reading chapters throughout the day.
I’ve hung my laundry out in my garden whilst chatting to the next door neighbours…. In my pj’s.
I’ve baked cheese scones… In my pj’s.
I’ve done yoga…. In my pj’s
I’ve done a pilates class…. In my pj’s!
I’m going to try to finish my book before bedtime today.
Daisy didn’t need much encouragement to stay in her pyjamas!

Filip looks very chilled out!

Maggie (Y5 looks snuggly reading Harry Potter!

Lilly M (Y1) read Funnybones in her PJs!

Charlie S (Y1) and his family made their own Elmer elephants today to celebrate one of their favourite books!  They also watched lots of Julia Donaldson adaptations including the gruffalo, room on the broom and the highway rat! They then snuggled up and enjoyed some read along on Epic… All in all, a great International book day 🙂

Henry and Matilda B read their favourite books today and decided to draw the cover whilst listening to Harry Potter on audio.

Sam B went for an adventure in the woods. He made a spear and impersonated one of the animals from The Jungle Book- can you guess which one? 😀

The Whatlings said “Thank you Woodbridge Primary for a great excuse to stay in our PJ’s”.

Beth and Thomas wrote Book Reviews!

Oliver had a relaxing day (but didn’t really stay in pyjamas!)

Freya (F1) did so many activities throughout the day (see F1’s page) and produced some amazing artwork!

Lilly and Bella (and Mrs Hodges) listened to Alice in Wonderland via Epic Books and coloured in Alice pictures (thanks Miss Williams for the great resource!).