Air Quality, Idling Engines & Walking to School!

Walk to School Week (20th May to 24th May)

Following on from the Air Quality Officer visit, we are also promoting ‘Walk to School’ Week next week. Please take the opportunity to walk from home (if possible) or park your car further away from school and walking the last part. If you take the 5 day challenge your children may learn to love it!

Building activity in to whole school life (for example, through The Daily Mile) supports children’s physical and emotional well-being and increases their readiness to learn.

Go on, give it a go!


Air Quality / Idling Engines

As you will know, the school is very keen to promote good practices concerning cars/transport around the school. Idling engines increase local pollution outside school and thoughtless parking and road use has become a real source of irritation for our neighbouring residents. Please do try to be mindful of our neighbours and, most importantly, the safety of our children when parking and driving.

With this in mind, an Air Quality Officer will be outside school on Tuesday 14th May (8:15-8:45am) and we will be holding events to promote ‘Clean Air Day’ which is on 20th June. Please read more about the Clean Air initiative on this flyer.

Air Quality Flyer East Suffolk