w/c 30th March

Good morning you lovely lot.  Welcome to week two…

We hope that you are all adjusting well to being at home.  It’s quite strange isn’t it but we hope that you are managing to have some fun as well.  Staying well is the most important thing at the moment both physically and mentally.  

Thanks for sending your messages as to what you have been up to.  If you haven’t already had a look, Dan and Edie’s photos on the website are great. Thanks for sending them in. A big well done to those of you who have been into school – Mrs Watson Brown tells us that you have been working hard. Pond dipping sounds great fun.

Well done to all of you who have managed to log on to TTRock Stars this week – Millie, Daisy, Joe and Sophie May are our stars this week for having the highest daily average active time working on their tables.  It could be you next week! (This week, I discovered how to find out how much time you are all spending working on your times tables – I’ve never had time to look before!!)

The packs and ideas we have sent out are intended to be helpful to you and your family.  They are definitely not meant to cause you stress and worry. They will help to keep your learning ticking over and keep you busy.  

We have set you up an account so that you can access the Big Maths resources online. You will now be able to complete your SAFE, CLIC and Learn It challenges from home. To log in you will need the following information: our school pin (0026); your username (your first name followed by the first three letters of your last name); and your password (the words Year 6 followed by your initials). See the example below:

School pin: 0026

Username: LizMur

Password: Year6LM

If you have ‘graduated’ from either the CLIC or SAFE challenges you will still be able to access the highest level, which will keep those skills fresh in your minds.

If you can, we would like you to continue to complete some daily reading, maths and writing. If you’d like an extra challenge then take a look at the Straw Rocket Science investigation (some of you will have brothers and sisters who will have had a go at it when they were in year 6).  We’d love to hear how it goes. 

Another challenge might be to begin completing some tasks on our class Bingo Board. Have you managed to complete anything already? Perhaps this week would be a good time to keep in contact with friends and relatives by sending them a letter. 

Above all – exercise, sleep well, eat well, read, talk, relax and look after each other…

Take care 

Miss Crossley & Mrs Murton  ☺

w/c 23rd March
Good Morning to you all.
I’ve just had a go at Joe Wick’s “PE with Joe” along with my children… Did you give it a go?  If not tune in tomorrow at 9am.  I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend and were able to enjoy the sunshine.
Now is a good time to delve into your packs and begin your home learning.  Start off by setting yourself a schedule.  Think about what we normally do in school… start with some TTRocks Stars.  Mrs Murton and Mrs Tomlinson have made a video (see below) with some more guidance as to how to get started with your pack.
Take care you lovely lot
Miss Crossley ☺

Mrs Murton wanted to say in the video (but forgot) that the staff will help you complete your learning packs in school (if possible).