A Message to Y4

w/c 13th July

Good morning lovely year 4, parents and carers,

How are you all?

We have lost count of the number of weeks and days you have all been impressing us with your home schooling, and we thank everyone for all the efforts. We both know, as parents ourselves, the ups and downs of lockdown homeschooling and thank you 👏. Nevertheless, we have reached the final week and share with you our new learning poster. This week is a bit more light-hearted and full of fun ideas and activities. Once again, these are ideas and we understand if some of these activities do not fit in with your normal family routines.

As you are aware, from Mr Krisson’s letter, the school and teachers will be having a 3 week break commencing Monday the 20th, and will be in touch with arrangements for September after this period. Children you have been a fabulous year 4 class in this very peculiar, strange year and we wish you every success as you move forward into year 5. Don’t forget to write us any questions, using Google Classroom, about year 5 and we can pass them on to your new teacher.

We shall be in touch throughout the week, however we would like to take this moment to say have a fantastic summer, keep smiling, say safe and thank you for all your hard work to children and adults.

Best wishes

Mrs Girling, Mrs Barnes and all the year 4 team. 🌈 😃 ☀

w/c 6th July

Good morning year 4, parents and carers,

How are you all? It’s been a bit of a blustery 🌬 weekend, but it was good to see the sunshine 🌞 yesterday. We hope you are all well, keeping active (both kind and body) and enjoying family time. It’s been lovely exploring the countryside this weekend, even though one gets caught in a sharp downpour or two 🌧😂

It’s the final week of this learning poster and we are so proud of all that you have achieved. Your artwork, maths, writing and creativity have blown us away, keep up the super work 🤩👍. We look forward to all that you show and share with us this week.

Have a great week everybody, keep smiling.

Best wishes

Mrs Girling, Mrs Barnes and all the year 4 team.

w/c 29th June

Morning wonderful year 4’s, parents and carers, 😃

We hope you are all well and keeping safe.

Mrs Barnes has thoroughly enjoyed chatting to some of you about what you have been up to, as well as how you are, it’s been lovely to hear her feedback. We have also been proud of how you have already started and completed some of the tasks off the new learning poster 🌟. Once again, it’s been lovely to see your work and ideas. Please keep asking us questions if you are unsure of anything.

We are aware and totally understand that you all choose to learn from home in different ways and all your circumstances are different, please do not worry if some of the activities do not fit in with your family – these are suggestions. Don’t forget you can still access your CLICs, SAFEs and Learn It’s, as well as TTrockstars. Furthermore, we love to see your own ideas and task/activities that you (and your family) enjoy doing, whether it’s a bike ride 🚲 , playing a musical instrument 🎸 , teaching your dog a new trick 🐕 or gardening 🌱 etc, we love to hear about it.

We wish you all another safe week; be kind and keep smiling. 😃🏆🌈

Best wishes

Mrs Girling, Mrs Barnes and the year 4 team.

w/c 22nd June
Good Morning lovely Y4 tribe, Parents and Carers,
We hope you have had a relaxing weekend and got out to enjoy the wonderful Suffolk weather and countryside.- In these challenging times it’s important to be grateful for the little things.
We have created a new 3 week learning poster and suggested tasks on Google Classroom. We hope there is something for everyone, whatever your interest, pace or prefered learning style. Children please don’t be afraid to ask if you have any questions about any of them. We have also moved the previous tasks under the relevant learning poster to make Google Classroom less ‘cluttered’. Again, we would like to reiterate that these are suggestions to be used according to your child, family situation, routine and circumstances.
We acknowledge that you may have chosen to learn at home in a variety of different ways; enjoying more time outside and in our gardens. Maybe you have embarked on a family project, discovered a new local walk, learned a new skill or grown vegetables from seed for the first time. You might like to create a book of memories of this unprecedented time to look back on in future years. Whatever you are doing parents, we are sure you are trusting your parenting instincts and doing a fabulous job and we understand first hand how challenging it has been.
Children you are amazing! – It’s lovely to see your videos, photos and messages. What really melts our hearts are the positive comments that you write about one another’s learning on Google Classroom and that you recognise that it takes a lot of courage for some of you to share your work so openly. You make us very proud and we thank you.
Keep smiling everyone and continue to be kind and calm – you’ve got this!
Best wishes to you all,
Mrs Barnes, Mrs Girling & The Y4 Team 🌈
w/c 15th June

Good morning year 4, parents and carers.

At last the sun ☀️ is back! Hope you have all managed to find time for yourself whether reading a good book, going for a run or bike ride or spotting some nature from your kitchen window, or what ever your passions may be. 🐿🥕💃🏃‍♀️🦋💐🏋️‍♂️

As we enter the 3rd week of this learning poster it’s lovely to read and look at the activities you have been up to on google classroom, as well as on TTrockstars and with your CLICs, SAFEs and Learn Its. We are very proud of your commitment and how you have persevered through these strange times. 👏🏆

Parent and carers, we understand that there may be dips in motivation from all parties and please do not worry if some of the activities do not fit in with your family – these are suggestions. As a mother of three myself, we totally understand the juggling act of home schooling.

As the sun continues to shine on us this week, we look forward to hear about what you get up to. If you have any issues please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Stay safe, be kind and have a wonderful week,

Best wishes Mrs Girling, Mrs Barnes and the year 4 team 🌈.

w/c 8th June
Hello again lovely Y4 tribe, parents and carers,
Well we’ve all achieved another week! 👏🏼😀 Our gardens have definitely benefited from all the much needed rain! 🌧 I hope it hasn’t stopped you from getting some fresh air! Remember that there’s no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing!! 🤣
Well done for all of you managing to keep your home learning going in whatever capacity works for you and your family. It’s lovely to see it on Google Classroom and thank you and well done to those of you who are keeping your Big Maths and TT Rockstars going too. You are showing so much resilience and commitment and we know it’s not easy!- An amazing job children, parents, carers and those members of staff working with those of you in school. 🌟👏🏼
We have done a Google Classroom tidy up with the aim of making the ‘Classwork’ page less cluttered and easier for you to find the most recent tasks from the current 3 week learning poster. The most recently posted assignments are at the top under each topic.
The old tasks are still there if you need to access them but have been put under the relevant learning poster at the bottom of the ‘Classwork’ page.
Remember to do something that makes you and those around you happy every day. 😃
Stay safe and take care of those that love you,
Kind wishes,
Mrs Barnes, Mrs Girling & the Y4 team 🌈
w/c 1st June
Good Monday Morning lovely Y4 Tribe, Parents and Carers,
We hope you all had a good half term with your family and all managed to take some time out from school work to enjoy the glorious weather we have had.
Parents and carers, we hope you have managed to take some time out of your amazing juggling act to relax and be kind to yourselves too, even if it was just for a moment.
We would like to welcome George back to Woodbridge Primary. George was with the class when they were in Y2 and has now joined us in Y4. Welcome George. I am sure the rest of the class will make you feel very welcome on Google Classroom too.
We have created a new learning poster (number 4) which briefly outlines the activities/tasks that will be posted on Y4’s Google Classroom, under ‘Classwork’, for the next 3 weeks. The details of these tasks are written in Google Classroom. Please don’t be daunted by them as they are there to support home learning over the next 3 weeks as well as Big Maths and TT Rockstars. Again they are suggestions but do what works for your family and personal circumstances as these will vary greatly and no doubt change from week to week and day to day.
We have done our very best to respond to all your fantastic tasks and home learning that you have submitted so please encourage the children to check their Google Classroom and/or emails for our feedback. We have truly been overwhelmed by all your fabulous efforts in these challenging times and are so proud of you children, parents and carers – you’re doing an amazing job!
Stay safe, well, calm and kind,
Best wishes,
Mrs Barnes, Mrs Girling and the Y4 Team 🌈
w/c 18th May
Good Monday Morning lovely Y4 children, parents and carers,
What a truly amazing job you are all doing and thank you for sharing your learning on Google Classroom, Big Maths and TT Rockstars. It’s been a delight to look and respond to all your uploaded pictures, PowerPoints, videos and learning etc. Please encourage your children to check their emails and personal messages on Google Classroom as we have sent them positive feedback for every task achieved. We hope it has been of help and we are so impressed and overwhelmed with what, and how, you are achieving in these very challenging times. 😀👏🏼🌟
Thank you too children for following the online user agreement and being so responsible and kind when commenting on one another’s work in ‘stream’- what a caring and thoughtful group of young people you are. 🙏😊
Please remember that the tasks on Google Classroom are suggestions and are intended to help and support home learning. The tasks are not intended to add any additional stress to you or your family in these challenging times and taking each day at a time is fine. Please do what is right for your child and your family, as circumstances hugely vary.
We would like to also draw your attention to this online survey run by Barnardos which is intended to find out the impact of Covid 19 on children and young people aged 8-15 and 16-24. It might be a useful tool to open up conversations with your children as to how they feel. Parental permission is required:
Stay safe and well, be kind and happy,
Best wishes to you all,
Mrs Girling, Mrs Barnes and the Y4 Team  🌈
w/c 11th May

Good morning lovely year 4, parents and careers.

We hope you have had a wonderful bank holiday weekend and you managed to celebrate the VE Day with your family. The weather on Friday and Saturday was marvellous 🌞 adding to the celebrations.

Wow! We have been super impressed with the enthusiasm, ideas and dedication you have had to tackle the new challenges and tasks. Well done to all. Remember these are suggestions and all that you achieve during this time is fabulous. The learning tasks are intended to support you and your child’s learning and by no means intended to cause any additional stress. Use it according to your family’s situation and needs.

At school, we are watching the government guidance very closely about when we can return and will follow advice and guidelines about when it is safe for all. Please allow the school time to discuss what is best for the school community.

We wish you all another safe and fun-filled week. Remember children, to use google classroom to ask us questions about your work as well as post and upload anything you have been up to. Furthermore, we would like to remind you about the Esafety code of conduct you have all signed, and that whilst using google classroom we must all be polite, responsible and sensible when communicating using the platform. It is important that we can all communicate, show our support, achievements and celebrate ours and others successes. Spread the smiles and rainbows. 🌈🤩🏆🌟

Look out for one another with your kind words and actions. Keep smiling, safe safe and keep well. 🌈😃

Best wishes

Mrs Girling, Mrs Barnes and all the year 4 team.

w/c 4th May
Hello you amazing Year 4 tribe and fabulous families,
Wow! – We are so impressed with all of your home learning that so many of you have shared with us on Google Classroom. Children, parents and carers, you are doing a fantastic job!🌟 It’s been amazing to see you indicate ‘Handed In’ and view your uploaded photos of the fantastic villas, shields, viaducts, amphitheatres, swords, writing, posters, exercise, gardening and baking that you have done, to name but a few. Nearly all of you have logged onto Google Classroom and are also completing TT Rockstars and Big Maths! For those of you who haven’t yet, last Monday’s message has all the details as to how to log on and we encourage you to have a go at some of the tasks we’ve set if you are able. We also check TT Rockstars and Big Maths online regularly to see children’s weekly and daily achievements and can praise children for these directly through Google Classroom. 😊
Can I just remind you all that Google Classroom is for children to communicate to teachers and their class-mates though we understand that children may need a little adult support to initially get to grips with it. Bob’s videos are also there to support this and we can answer any queries you may have. Parents, you will be surprised how quickly children grasp it the more they do themselves. If parents need to communicate then please do so in the normal way via the school office as the staff are amazing at forwarding on your messages and questions.
We will be uploading our next block of learning together with a new learning poster, on Wednesday which we hope will be of help and something for the kids (and families) to enjoy. This is intended to support you and your child’s learning and by no means is intended to cause any additional stress. Use it according to your family’s situation and needs.
We hope this message finds you safe, well and that you are finding you have many positive moments with your families in this challenging situation.
Be kind to yourselves and one another,
Our very best wishes,
Mrs Girling, Mrs Barnes and the Year 4 Team. 🌈
w/c 27th April
Hello lovely Year 4 tribe,
It’s Monday again … What gorgeous weather we have been having. We hope you have been making the most of it and getting outside as much as you can – it’s also how our bodies create vitamin D which is good for healthy bones, teeth and muscles.😊
A really massive well done to the 24 of you who have managed to access Google Classroom, especially those of you who are cracking on with some of the tasks we have set and those of you who have sent gorgeous pictures of the other learning you have been doing (there is a section for this). It has also been lovely to see you communicating so caringly with one another (you are a kind class) and we hope that our communication to you has been helpful and reassuring. Your welcome messages to Katie, who joined us in Y4 as we went into lockdown, are heart-warming. Welcome Katie. 😀
We have made many of the tasks, on our learning poster and in Google Classroom, enjoyable and achievable but please do not worry if this doesn’t fit in with your family’s routine or needs. – Everyone will be managing this current situation in different ways.
Just a reminder to all, that Google Classroom is for the children to communicate with teachers (and one another) using their own email address. If parents/carers need to be in touch with anything that the children can’t ask, then please continue to go through the office as you would normally and we will try our very best to help. Children may of course need parents/carers’ support to upload pictures or help to navigate Google Classroom. Then again, they may be the ones solving the problems themselves! Bob’s videos that he sent last week will help you access this if children haven’t already and there is a section under the ‘Classwork’ tab at the top of the Google Classroom homepage entitled ‘How to videos and Google Classroom Help’. Children can also send a private message to us through Google Classroom if they are stuck with anything or need to ask a task or Google Classroom related question. We are all new to this so we are all learning together.
Just a Google Classroom logging on format reminder: Here is an example-
Joe Bloggs  who’s date of birth is 20th March 2007 would be:
joeblo (whole first name + first 3 letters of surname all lowercase and no spaces) + @woodbridgeprimary.suffolk.sch.uk
So it would look like this: joeblo@woodbridgeprimary.suffolk.sch.uk
Password would be: 20mar2007  (2 digits for the day followed by 3 letters of the month and all 4 digits of the year – all in lowercase).
A massive well done and thank you to all those children who have also managed to keep their Big Maths CLICs, SAFEs and LEARN ITs going once a week and those who have been regularly doing Times Table Rockstars. We are very impressed with what we have seen. We hope you have been enjoying whatever you have been reading too.
We hope you are keeping yourselves active and developing new skills.
Be kind to everyone and help out at home. Stay safe, stay well and keep smiling.
Love from
Mrs Barnes, Mrs Girling and the Year 4 Team 🌈
w/c 21st April
Hello Lovely Y4 Tribe,
We hope you had a sunshine and chocolate filled Easter break and that you and your family are adjusting to staying safe at home.
During the Easter break, we have been beginning to get our heads around Google Classroom which you will be invited to use via your school email address. We have put the new 2 week learning poster on there and given you details of the tasks/assignments that are on the learning poster. From now on, this is how we are going to communicate your home learning and what we would like you to do, as well as comment on how you have done. You will receive a separate message to remind you how to log on. You can communicate back directly to us and send us your photos or upload your work. It’s also a really good way for us to keep track of how you are getting on. We ask that you try to achieve all the assignments by the given date so we have made the tasks achievable. If you would like to take your learning further then there are some useful websites on the learning poster as well as all the ones that are on the school website already. We are sure you have all been learning in lots of other different ways and learnt new skills too. We would love to hear about these and see any photos you may have taken.
Remember to be kind and helpful to everyone at home,
Stay safe,
Love from Mrs Barnes, Mrs Girling and the Year 4 Team 🌈
Easter Holidays
Hello Kiddies, parents and carers,
Congratulations, you have made it to the EASTER HOLIDAYS! WHOOP WHOOP!!
Firstly, we hope you have had another great week and are all well. It’s lovely to hear about all the home learning that has taken place, as well as receiving photos and emails about the projects you have completed. We notice, on the TTrockstars website, that Lily S, Vinny, Lucy and Zach have a super percentage of time working through their times tables, you are our Stars of the Week! Well done! It could be you next week!
Although it’s the Easter holidays, and we aren’t setting formal tasks to complete, we would still encourage daily reading activities. You are also more than welcome during this time to continue to login to the online websites such as TTrockstars and Big Maths. These accounts all still remain active.
However, we do have a few suggestions for Easter Activities you could make and do with your family. With this message we have included a video (see below) ‘How to make an Easter Basket’, and continuing the theme of baking – can you make an scrumptious Easter treat? This could be Easter nests, a cake or biscuits. There are also lots of websites with printable colouring and ideas etc including activityvillage.co.uk
We would love to see what you come up with! Can you also draw a map of your garden or house and plot where you could hide Easter eggs for a EGG HUNT! Ask your family to complete the hunt, who is the quickest?
Our next message will be on Tuesday 21st April, where we shall provide you with a new summer term home learning poster with further ideas.
Finally, the Year 4 team wish you a great Easter Break, filled with happiness, laughter and kindness.
Best wishes,
Mrs Girling and Mrs Barnes and all the year 4 team!
w/c 30th March
Hello Lovely Year 4 Children, Parents and Carers,
We hope you are all well and adjusting to life under lock-down. We are truly lucky to live in Suffolk. We hope you and your family are sleeping well, eating well, exercising daily and getting some time to relax and do something that makes you laugh.
Every family’s circumstances will be different so we are providing school work opportunities but please use them according to your personal situation as this is not intended to put another layer of pressure on top of your existing ones.
Nearly everyone managed to pick up their pack from the school entrance which is great – our whole school team did the best we could in the short time we had so we hope you liked some of the activities. Many children have even managed to complete their Big Maths Beat That challenges and TT Rockstars! – Well done! Some of you have sent photos and notes too which is great and you’re all smiling!
The links, work and ideas we add to the Year 4 class page on the school website is intended to help so have a look as it keeps us connected. We’re learning, adapting and being creative with this too.
We hope that you are able to do something each day that gives you a feeling of achievement or accomplishment however small. It may be learning a new skill or something completely different to anything we have provided but that’s OK and keep your photos coming!
Be kind, stay safe, keep calm and keep smiling,
Best wishes to you all,
Mrs Girling and Mrs Barnes 🌈
w/c 23rd March

Hello lovely Y4 tribe!

We hope you are all fit and well and enjoyed getting some fresh air and sunshine this weekend. We don’t quite know how long before we see one another so although this is a strange and new situation, let’s get our heads in a positive mindset, be grateful for what we have and make the best of it…
We’d love you to start by getting a routine going that works for you and your family. We know that you might have to share a computer with other members of your household so organise a timetable that works for you all. There’s one on the class page of our school website if you click on the ‘useful links’ link- it’s at the bottom of the page. This is just an idea- use it or adapt it to suit you and your family and the ever changing situation.
We’ll be checking in with a little message every week and will add to the class page starting with a video to explain your Home Learning Pack.
Start with a Joe Wicks P.E each day if you can. Your whole family or whoever is looking after you can join in too and it will make you feel happy and more energised.
Be kind to everyone lovely lot,
Love from
Mrs Barnes & Mrs Girling 🌈