A Message to F2

w/c 15th June
Good morning F2 children and families!
I hope you’re ready for another activity filled week and hopefully in the sunshine this week!
As usual, I will post activities and ideas onto Dojo as well as on the school website, so look out for links to these today and this week.
Do what you can and ask Qs, send me pics of your activities, they’re so wonderful to see.
Oxford Owl is still free so do have a look for online reading books, enjoy stories with your family and keep smiling, I will be in touch again very soon.
lots of love, Mrs Player. xxx
w/c 8th June
Hello F2 and families!
I hope you are not too soggy from the weekend rain, I went on a bike ride yesterday and got absolutely soaked… but it was great fun!
I’m in school all week this week, so I won’t be able to respond to your Dojo questions until a little later on, but please keep sending me things, as I will still get them!
lots of love, Mrs Player xxx
w/c 1st June
Good morning lovely F2 families and children and welcome to your second half of summer term!
We are kicking off our new weeks of learning with a slightly different type of adventure, it’s a little more in depth this time, as there are some very interesting details to research and try out along the way.
Our theme for the next 3 weeks is “Moana & The Ocean.”
I’m sure lots of you have watched the film, some of you over and over again, some of you may not have seen it at all. Do not worry if you haven’t, the Learning Poster has a few more pages attached to give you a little background to the story and keep you going.
I have also given you 3 stories about one of the characters, a DemiGod called Maui. The stories tell us how he became powerful and magical. These stories are from the Mauri culture of New Zealand, ‘Moana’ is set on a Polynesian Island instead, but she has used Maui for her adventures.
You will have 1 new activity each week, 3 in total. There’s also a list of crafts and making things to do alongside the activities if you wish to.
I will be posting these onto our class Dojo today and throughout the next few weeks, including videos, links, photos and documents to help, so look out for these and do continue to share your learning with me, I love to see what you have been up to!
Lastly, Happy Birthday to Isaac K who was 5 last Friday! I hope you had a fantastic day, lots of cake and enjoyed the sunshine!
Take care, keep safe
lots of love, Mrs Player. xxx
w/c 18th May
Good morning to you all!
What a wonderful end to the last week, having some sunshine instead of windy cloudy days this weekend!
As always, I have really enjoyed seeing all that you have been doing at home, sending photos of your work and play shows me how wonderful, creative and busy you are keeping whilst we are away from each other.
Children, I’m so proud of you for helping your mums and dad’s whilst they help you with your learning, or share books to read together, by listening and having a try.
I will continue to send things over Dojo for you have a go at, or adapt yourselves if you want to, please continue to ask Qs and I will endeavour to answer them all!
It was Beau’s 5th birthday last week,
Lots of love,
Mrs Player
w/c 11th May
Hello wonderful families and children!!
Wow! What a hot weekend we all had!
Again, I managed to spend most of it in the garden, enjoying my flowers and nurturing my seedlings. I’m growing tomato plants for my mummy and they are coming along nicely 😊
Thank you so much for your brilliant photos and messages on Dojo, I hope you’re all enjoying the new activities, keep sending me updates if you get a chance to do any, plus I love the questions from you, thank you again Arthur!
Please keep doing all of the things you’re currently doing whilst we are apart, be safe, keep together and keep smiling. Most importantly, please remember to make time for yourselves, have a cup of tea, sit down, even for 2 minutes! These moments of calm are what keep you going during the busy moments.
We will be in touch soon, keep safe and stay strong,
Lots of love,
Mrs Player xxx
w/c 4th May
Hello lovely F2 munchkins and families!
How are you all?
Thank you so much for the photos and updates via Dojo on what you have been learning and how you have been getting on with the last Learning Poster activities that I set.
There is now a new one for you all to get your teeth into, it’s all about ADVENTURES!
Get your pirate hats ready, your superhero capes on and your magnifying glasses in your pocket for some investigating, making and hunting!
I have also added the PDFs for some of the activities onto your class page, as you will need these for instructions on how to make some things, plus the Pirate Activity Book.
I have been a busy bee in the National Gardening Week last week, despite the cooler temperatures and the rain, I managed to get sowing many seeds, and I planted the last of my bulbs so that I have flowers when Autumn arrives. My seeds are starting to pop up in my greenhouse and on my window sill and my giant growing patches are now ready for when the sunshine comes back!
I’ve done some bird spotting on my breakfast walks, I found many finches, a woodpecker, lots of robins and blue tits.
I will be in touch again over on Dojo, ready for another week of activities and stories.
lots of love, Mrs Player xxx
w/c 27th April
Hello lovely F2 and families!
Have you had a fun filled busy week of our new Summer Term? I have loved every single day so far, each morning I look forward to seeing the photos you have sent me, or the messages from your parents on our class Dojo, it makes me smile so much to see your drawings, picnics, bug hotels and letter games, I feel like you’ve invited me into your garden!
Thank you so much to those of you who have managed to sign up and join us with Dojo so far, I hope you’ve found it straightforward and a little more accessible to me in the week.
Children, you look like you’ve been trying very hard with your learning at home so well done for your perseverance and commitment! Remember, positivity breeds productivity, so do something which makes you feel great, then have a try at an activity for me. I love Jessica’s idea of going for a breakfast walk, then doing some activities!
Parents –  Remember, do what is manageable and keeps a good balance at home, there is no penalty for not completing something, or if you have a break from some things, the important thing is that you all feel like you’re coping and keeping strong.
Lastly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Lorien today!!!! I hope you have a wonderful day and get to eat lots of cake! 🎁🌻🎂🎉
speak soon,

lots of love Mrs Player.xxx

w/c 21st April
Hello to you all!
I really hope you have all had a chocolate filled and relaxed Spring break! Have you been able to enjoy some of the sunshine? I have been busy in my garden, taking out weeds and painting my fence. Mr Player cut the grass and tidied our shed, so we have earned our Easter eggs for doing helpful jobs!
I’ve been thinking of you all each day, wondering what you have been doing. Has anyone been out for a walk? Have you been on your bike or scooter? Have you visited the park? Have you made any rainbows and cards? Have you baked yummy food and eaten it up?
When it’s been a cloudy or chilly day I have been baking and making pizzas, when it has been warm and sunny I have had all of the doors and windows open, the radio on and enjoyed letting some spring into the house. I managed to have my lunch outside several times and I even had a BBQ one evening!
I was a very lucky teacher and the Easter Bunny brought me my favourite egg, a white chocolate Milkybar! I also got a golden rabbit which I’m saving for when Mr Player and I decide to have a movie day, then I will get a hot chocolate, my furry blanket, favourite slippers on and I’ll eat my golden bunny 😊
Miss Williams tells me she has been watching Moana lots and has been dancing to the songs around her house, so I’ve been looking for Moana on my tv to watch too, but unfortunately it is not there, so I will watch Peter Rabbit instead.
On your class page is also a new Learning Poster, ready and full of new challenges and activities for you if you would like to try some. You can also keep going with the pack which came home with you, if there any parts you haven’t done yet.
Keep being safe, healthy and stay home with your loved ones, you’re all doing beautifully, well done!
Lots of love Mrs Player.xxx
Easter Holidays
Hello again Pickles and families,
Happy Easter!
It’s now the spring holidays but I’m sure you will still be curious to get busy with a few things whilst we’re all keeping safe and staying home.
I’ve put together a little calendar of ‘Eastery’ activities if you would like to do any of these. They are all about Easter, Spring Time and yummy food!!
I hope you enjoyed your day of pyjamas and stories last Thursday. I had blue spotty ones on with pink fluffy slippers. I read The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, some recipe books and a newspaper.
I have seen some photos of Nina and her family, they have been very productive at home with all sorts of learning, well done!
I’ve seen Teddy & Tilly doing writing and dressing up as superheroes – amazing!
Thank you so much for all of your commitment towards this altered situation. It must feel quite upside down having your grown up do what Mrs Player usually does! I’ve asked all of your grown ups to be me for a little time each day, so that your brains keep growing and your storytelling magic keeps waking up, ready for when you’re back at school. Thank you for helping your grown ups out, for listening to them and for trying your very best, I’m so proud of you all and your grown ups will be getting Star Of The Week when school starts too!
So, now it is Spring Holiday, you may have a little change, relax and eat yummy treats and play in the garden as much as possible.
I will send you another message on Tuesday 21st April, so look out for it.
Send me some pics of any activities you’ve managed to try from my Easter Calendar, or anything you have thought of yourselves, please keep reading as often as you can too.
Here is the link for the youtube activities from the calendar
Happy holidays, speak soon, lots of love Mrs Player.xxx
w/c 30th March
Hello Pickles and families!
How has your first few days at home been? As I write you this message it is snowing outside my window. I have my fluffy slippers on, a hot drink on my coaster and my favourite pen is next to me, ready for when I write cards to my friends. I wrote 2 this week and walked to the post box to send them off!
Do you remember when we learnt the ‘ai’ sound and ‘mail’ was one of the words? I sent mail this week!
I hope you have enjoyed making a start on some Peter Rabbit bits and pieces, he will be hopping around vegetable patches and snuffling in hedgerows when the sun comes back.
I thought I would send you some more bits to keep you busy and active whilst you’re not with me.
Here are 50 AMAZING things for you do indoors, so you don’t even have to put wellies and boots and coats on to do these! If you have a printer at home, then get your grown up to print it out for you, then tick off which ones you do.
I’ve also sent a playdough recipe for your grown ups, you can make it with them but let them do the hot water part, to keep your fingers safe.
If you want to take any photos of what you’ve been up to, then get your grown up to email them to school and I will see the amazing activities you’ve been busy doing!
Here are some extremely important dates for you:
April 1st – May 1st           National Pet Month
If you have a pet, draw me a picture of them! Make them a new comfy bed for the day, dress them up as a superhero, take them for a walk, make a junk model of them! Perhaps the link below might have some fun activities for you?
If you don’t have a pet, what would you choose and why? An elephant? A dragon? Where would you keep them? What would they eat? How would you keep them happy and quiet?
April 2nd                         International Children’s Book Day
Today I want you ALL to get your favourite pyjamas on and STAY IN THEM ALL DAY! read books, make books, sing songs, have a look at this website for some activities too!
I will be getting my favourite pyjamas and slippers on and getting out my most favourite books on Thursday, join me!
I don’t have a pet, so I will have to think of one….
Speak soon, lots of love Mrs Player. xxx
P.S. I have been baking…wonky pancakes for lunch and look at the video of my ham and cheese crown from my new recipe book. Can you hear it bubbling fresh out of the oven? Apologies for some banging, Mr Player was chiselling door frames behind me!! If you look at the bottom of this post there is also a video from Mrs Everitt. She has been taking her dog for walks this week as part of her fresh air and exercise routine, you can meet Ted in her video. He looks like Waffle Dog!
I have been taking photographs of flowers….can you paint this one for me?
Here are photos from Mrs Bradshaw’s week….
Charlie is reading in the garden, finding a new and interesting place to read his book!
A model of a guitar has been created, beautiful music to accompany Mrs Bradshaw’s singing over breakfast!
Exploring Shadows for Science. Thomas drew then cut out his name to create a shadow name…. it’s trickier than you think!
Some art recreated in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.
w/c 23rd March
Dear lovely F2 children and families,
I hope you have all had a restful weekend and that you managed to enjoy some of the sunshine, it’s officially spring!!
I trust you’ve all had a look through the Learning Packs in readiness for the week ahead.
What will massively help you to get into a learning ‘groove’ at home is to establish a daily timetable of activities. This will keep a routine going, similar to school time and keep our adjusted lives as regular as possible for young children.
I would try to choose a variety of skills across the timetable so that a bit of everything is being done – writing, reading, drawing, building, constructing, painting, cutting etc.
Remember to break it into small chunks, I would suggest no more 15/20 minutes per activity and perhaps 3 activities in the morning, which may extend into the afternoon alongside the usual games and play.
For the formation books, these can easily be split into parts or ‘days’ and are meant to be with supervision so that the children really are looking at how to form letters and numbers, taking their time, slowing down the pencil and being proud of the page. Please don’t do the books all at once, some children may ask to – great! but keep it for the next day so they always have their full attention to it.
It may help to create a special activity area, where the children can easily find the pack each morning and get their stuff ready. You could decorate your area, add comfy bits and colourful bobs too!
(My work area has fancy pens, llamas, my favourite cushion to lean on and a coaster for my coffee!)
You may also want to create a reward chart or jar for completing each of the activities, this will help with reluctant learners, I know it’s not the same being at home to school, but get them to show off their incredible skills – like a mini stay & play AT HOME! I will match each sticker and evidence with my own rewards when I see you all again and you hand in your packs.
I’ve added in a daily storytime to my new timetable, you may want to do the same, keep it at the same time each day, perhaps after lunch, as well as your usual bedtime story times.
Audible are currently providing a free story section for as long as schools are closed -FOR FREE.
We’ve been learning about the ways we can move and control our bodies in different ways and at different speeds, you may want to check out Cosmic Kids Yoga on youtube.
Just type cosmic kids into the search bar and choose!
Sorry this has been such a long message, but I wanted to share with you some pointers for getting your home learning environment off to the most positive and smooth start.
Please take care of each other, stay healthy and safe, I will be in touch again very soon.
Lots of love, Mrs Player.xxx