Shield Winners 2021

Consideration – Lacie (F1) Bravery – Alfie (Y1) Commitment – Hollie (Y2) Curiosity – Meileigh (Y4) Creativity – Olivia (Y5) Craftsmanship – George T (Y5) Communication – James (Y6) Confidence – Matilda (y6) STEM Shield – Laurie (Y6) Friendship – Latisha (Y6)  
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Farewell Assembly

During a very emotional morning assembly, we bid farewell to Mr Krisson, Mrs Moore, Miss Krisson and Mr Wake. Mr Krisson. Miss Crossley and our Chair of Governors spoke beautifully and then all the children sang ‘Leaving on a High’ with Y4 dancing on stage.…
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Y3 – w/c 13th July

In PSHE we watched Austin’s butterfly. We then copied a photo of a butterfly. After our first drawing we looked carefully at the shape and patterns. After our second drawing we asked our partner for feedback and then finally we put everything we learnt into…
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Early Years Sports Day

F1, F2, Sports
The children took part on their Rainbow themed teams. They each took a turn at the carousel of activities then ran in the sprint race. What a fantastic achievement! We will provide videos next week as soon as they’ve been checked and all parental permissions…
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F2 – w/c 5th July

We have had such a fantastic fun week. Well done to all the F2 children  for their tremendous efforts at sports day, they were all incredible and showed fantastic sportsmanship. The ice poles went down a treat and the children loved running races on the track too. We have continued our under…
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Y1 – w/c 5th July

Year 1 have been busy bees this week and super creative, as we’ve been writing our fairytales. We can’t wait to show our adults next week what we’ve written. We’ve also been practicing for our sports day, singing, telling stories around our (play) campfire and…
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Adam sings the Oceans with Y1/Y2

Music, Y1, Y2
Our ukulele and guitar teacher sang the Oceans Song with Y1 and Y2 and was impressed that they could name them all! From Y2, children can start to learn the ukulele or guitar with Adam. Contact the office if you’d like to find out more.
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Y3 – History off the Page

History, Y3
Year 3 have been very lucky to be able to take part in History Off the Page Roman activities. We started on Wednesday by watching the video and learning all about Roman Life. We learnt that they had mosaic floors in their homes and this…
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Y4 – History off the Page

History, Y4
This week, the teachers in Y3 and Y4 ran a virtual ‘History off the Page’ Roman series of activities…. Making a mosaic tile. We tried to make our design symmetrical. We learned how Romans went to the toilet together in a latrine and that they…
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Y3 – w/c 5th July

PSED, Sports, Y3
In PSHE we did some more work on our Growth Mindset, we had to follow instructions really carefully to make an origami dog. We joined with Year 4 to practise basketball shooting, triple jump, the hurdles and the 50m sprint. We did more Sports Day…
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Y6 – w/c 28th June

Year 6 enjoyed one final game of ‘Cross the River’ with Jon in their last tennis session. A few sneak peak photos from Y6’s performance of Macbeth. Video and more photos will be part of their Leavers’ package!
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Y5 – w/c 28th June

Year 5 were very busy at the Longshed with activities organised by the Woodbridge Riverside Trust. We talked to some Anglos Saxons, made boats, became archeologists and learned all about the oak and how it was used in Anglo Saxon times to build boats. We…
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Y1 – w/c 28th June

Free play imagination… This week we’ve been building on our knowledge of non-fiction writing and have created our own imaginary animals. First, we picked two animals and combined them to create a new animal. Then,  we looked at its diet, habitat and appearance, as well…
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F2 – w/c 28th June

We have been continuing our under the sea theme this week, learning about whales, jelly fish and octopi/ octopuses! We have read lots of stories and looked at non fiction books about under the sea creatures too. We have been very creative, making masks, sea collages…
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FOWPS Annual Round-Up

Thanks to all your generosity this year, we have raised roughly £3,000. This is an amazing total, considering we haven’t been able to have our big events like the Halloween disco or the Christmas market. Fingers crossed they will be back next school year. We…
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Y3 – w/c 28th June

Sports, Y3
We have been practising the 50m sprint for sports day. We all tried really hard to go as fast as we could. We have been learning about Skara Brae in Scotland which is a well preserved Stone Age settlement. We all made our own book…
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Y1 – w/c 21st June

We’ve been using our imagination to invent some new toys this week. We’ve been thinking of toys that we’d like to play with, how they would work, their audience and what we’d use to make them. There have been some very creative toys such as…
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Y4 w/c 21st June

Look what these three volunteers have done in 20 minutes! Excellent organisational skills and consideration. Reading comprehension inside or outside – the choice was ours! We regularly found stag beetles and other insects whilst gardening this week. Friday afternoon football with Joe.
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