Year 2 w/c 16th May

Sports, Y2
Year 2 w/c 16th May – Athletics Despite the wet weather, we managed to have a really fun and active afternoon in the hall. Our Premier Sports coach set up some great games, including one where we had to work in pairs to move down…
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Year 5 w/c 16th May

Art, Y6
Year 5 w/c 16th May – The Longshed This week, we had a fantastic time visiting The Longshed as part of our Anglo-Saxons topic. We made brooches based on Anglo-Saxon designs, learned about how rivets were used to fix together wood when building Anglo-Saxon ships…
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Year 6 w/c 16th May

Art, Y6
Year 6 w/c 16th May – Derbyshire preparation Preparations are well underway for our Year 6 residential to Derbyshire. All of the children have completed a DT project to make a beeswax wrap. They will use these to wrap their sandwiches when making their own…
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Year 1 w/c 16th May – Bee Week

Trips, Y1
Year 1 w/c 16th May – Bee Week We have had such a lovely week learning about bees. We have learnt how they help the flowers through pollination, that their tongues are like straws, the different types of bees we would find in the UK,…
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Y3/4 Rounders – w/c 9th May

Y3/4 Rounders w/c 9th May Year 3 and 4 have been practising Dutch rounders for the tournament after half term. Mrs Girling explained the rules and the children had a go. There was lots to think about but the children worked really hard to play…
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F2 – w/c 9th May

F2 w/c 9th May This week we have been reading some traditional tales. The children were really motivated to learn more about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. So we have been retelling the story, learning a Goldilocks song, mixing golden colours and drawing Goldilocks. We…
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F2 – w/c 4th May

F2 w/c 4th May This week we have continued our minibeast journey and have read lots of non-fiction books. We have seen real honeycombs, observed what happened to the wormery, made bug homes in the woods and written our own bug books. We have hunted…
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Y2 – w/c 25th April

Art, Events, Y2
Y2 w/c 25th April The class has been learning all about the Great Fire of London. In an activity that has now become a WPS tradition, the children made and painted their own replicas of the houses in Pudding Lane – then watched as the…
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F2 – w/c 25th April

F2, Literacy, Maths, PSED, RE
F2 w/c 25th April This week we have had a wonderful time learning about earthworms. Our book of the week was Superworm by Julia Donaldson. The children have enjoyed retelling the story and making their own wormery in class. The children have been finding out…
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Cricket Taster Day – 26th April

Sports, Y1, Y2, Y3, Y4, Y5, Y6
Cricket Taster Day On Tuesday 26th April, Ben Wallace from Suffolk County Cricket Club came into school to provide a cricket taster day. Each year group 1-6 had the chance to try their hand at cricket basics such as catching, batting and fielding to work…
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Y5 – w/c 4th April

Beatboxing The class has been exploring ways of making music with their voices, for example, Beatboxing. They listened to a piece called Stripsody by Cathy Berberian (written in 1966) and then made their own version. Here is the before and after so you can compare.…
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F2 – w/c 4th April

F2, Literacy, Maths
F2 w/c 4th April This week has just been so eggciting!| Our book of the week has been We’re going on an Egg Hunt. We have made an obstacle course outside and made our own lift the flap pictures. We have been talking to the…
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Y3 – w/c 4th April

Origami Year 3 followed a set of instructions to make an origami Easter egg with a chicken inside. There were lots of instructions to follow and it was quite challenging.
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Y3/4 Orienteering

Sports, Y3, Y4
Year 3 & 4 Orienteering On Wednesday 6th April years 3 and 4 took part in the intra orienteering competition where they demonstrated super commitment and perseverance to complete the course – even the soggy conditions didn’t deter their enthusiasm. The children had the choice…
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Y4 – w/c 28th March

Art, Literacy, Maths, Y4
Marvellous muffin display We created our own muffin recipes and wrote them up beautifully, complete with step by step instructions, weights and measures, and a sketch of how the finished muffin should look. We even made our own muffin packaging. Here is the fabulous class…
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