Y3 – w/c 30th November

Art, Literacy, PSED, Sports, Y3
Year 3 have read the book ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ We talked about how we can fill someone’s bucket. We drew pictures of buckets and wrote down ways we could fill someone else’s bucket. This week in basketball we have been practicing shooting…
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Y6 – w/c 23rd November

Art, Literacy, Sports, Y6
We’ve been having fun outside again this week. We spotted this amazing web this morning. Our weaving pieces, based on the Suffolk landscape are looking fantastic. The sun came out at reading time today which was very welcome and we shared some amazing new words…
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F2 Gingerbread Men

Art, F2, Literacy
F2 are looking at the Gingerbread Man this week. We’ve been using lots of fine motor skills to decorate candy cane and lollipops for his house, plus practising our mindfulness colouring when colouring Gingerbread men. We’ve made masks to role play the characters too.
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Y1 Celebrate Thanksgiving

Art, Literacy, Y1
Yesterday we looked at the American celebration of Thanksgiving and compared it to the festival Dia de Los Muertos and Christmas, looking at the similarities and differences.  We also discussed what being thankful means and ways in which we can show gratitude.
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WPS Christmas Vibe

Christmas is a particularly important time of year within school and it is a time when we have previously been able to help make memories which will last a lifetime. I wanted to write to you to reassure you that I understand the importance of…
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F1 Sound Claps

Art, F1, History, Music
F1’s sound claps. We listened to some Indian music and clapped our hands to the rhythm. We decorated our hands with the sound patterns that we thought would travel from our clapping hands. F1’s finished Diva’s. We have been carefully making, painting and adding some…
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Y1 Maths and Phonics Fun

Literacy, Maths, Y1
Maths – Y1 have been looking at addition on a number line, one more and one less and our number bonds to 10. In phonics last week, we’ve been continuing to develop our knowledge of our phase 3 sounds as well as understand what syllables…
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Staffing Announcements

General News
F2 News Many of you will have been made aware by your children that Mrs Player is expecting a baby! We are thrilled for her (and Mr Player) and also pleased to let you know that Mrs Player’s maternity leave (expected to start after the…
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FOWPS Christmas Hampers

Christmas, FOWPS
This year FOWPS will still be able to create and sell Christmas Hampers but arrangements will be different…please do support the cause by donating items and buying raffle tickets You may get a lovely Christmas bonus if you win! 1) Please donate items to the…
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Y6 – Just One Tree

Art, Geography, PSED, Science, Y6
For Just One Tree Day, Year 6 have been thinking about how trees ‘suck’ carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Planting trees is one of the main ways that we can slow down and prevent climate change… but just how much carbon dioxide do the trees…
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Y6 Football Competition

Sports, Y6
Year 6 took part the in virtual School Games football competition. Their skills were put to the test across five different events: including ball control, dribbling, passing and shooting. Lots of other schools in the area also took part, and we will find out we…
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Y2 w/c 9th November

This week we celebrated Remembrance Day by making poppy wreaths and colouring in – we talked about why we wear poppies and not other flowers on this day. We have also been practising unscrambling sentences and making notes about Explorers for our biographies that we…
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Y6 Making Viking Glue

History, Maths, Science, Y6
Another busy week in Year 6. As part of our Viking study we have been finding out about how the Vikings solved problems and built things. We found out that they made glue using milk and vinegar!  They used their glue for all sorts of…
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Remembrance Day 2020

This year we were able to hold a very moving Remembrance Day ceremony. All the children stood in their bubbles around the school field perimeter path and were impeccably behaved during the two minute silence. Mr Krisson then spoke to them all together for the…
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