Mental Health Support

We take mental health very seriously at Woodbridge Primary School and are committed to providing support to any children or families who are struggling for any reason.

Woodbridge Primary is linked with the Mental Health Support Team (MHST) provided by the Norfolk and Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust. Together, we can provide intervention to children and families with mild to moderate mental health difficulties.

The Mental Health Support Team can help with:

  • anxiety and/or avoidance (e.g. specific phobias, separation anxiety)
  • worry management and problem solving
  • panic management
  • mild obsessive-compulsive disorder and other rigid/ritualistic behaviour
  • behavioural difficulties
  • low mood/depression
  • managing negative thoughts
  • irritability as a symptom of depression
  • thoughts of self harm and support for alternative coping strategies for superficial self-harm
  • low confidence and low self-esteem
  • sleep difficulties through support of good sleep hygiene

Referral Process

If a parent or carer wishes to self-refer please email:

If the school believes a child needs to be referred, we will always request consent from the child’s parent/carer prior to starting the referral process.

If you wish to discuss your child’s mental health with the school, please email and mark the email ‘Confidential: FAO Headteacher’

Urgent and Emergency Referrals

Emotional Wellbeing Hub – 0345 600 2090

First Response: 0808 196 3494 (24 hour service)