Learning Environment

Children have access on a daily basis (and all year) to areas both indoors and outdoors that build upon their interests and stages of play and development.

Children have the opportunity during their nursery session to access a wide range of resources to support their play and learning. The nursery session allows time for children to pursue their own interests combined with structured times.

The Classroom

Our nursery is bright, spacious and open-plan (and also offers a ‘peek’ into the reception classroom); the design and resourcing foster children’s independence and creativity. We have spaces and places for: relaxation; sharing stories; building and construction; imaginative play; arts and crafts.

The Garden

The garden reflects the styling of the classroom but on a larger scale. We offer children open-ended resources with which they can apply their own creativity and imagination. In the garden we have spaces and places for: wooden block play; a mud kitchen; imaginative play; tricycles and scooters; outdoor maths and writing; water play.

Woodland Nursery

Children spend the session outdoors in our beautiful woodland, experiencing nature, the change in seasons, whatever the weather (with the exception of high winds). Children have the opportunity to: climb trees; jump off logs or onto piles of leaves (in the autumn); tell stories; build dens; hunt for minibeasts; craft homes for woodland animals and bake pies for the Gruffalo!