At Woodbridge Primary School we believe it is never too early to inspire a love and appreciation of our wonderful world; both in school and further afield. We aim to foster an interest in environmental issues and to offer a range of fun and exciting activities that will engage and encourage our students to think about the environment and to take action to protect it. Our Eco Council is run by the students, for the students, and our staff facilitate the work the children decide to undertake.

Our Eco Councillors

Year 1 – Lilly and Noah
Year 2  – Zoe and Lucien
Year 3 – Hannah and Zeno
Year 4 – Nancy and Laurie
Year 5 – Harry and Imogen
Year 6 – Niall, Richard and Bonnie

Our Eco Projects

We are working on building nature a home in the grounds of Woodbridge Primary School. We will be designing and building homes for wildlife and monitoring it.

This project is inspired by the RSPB campaign Give Nature A Home.

Our Eco News

Eco News by Brooke & Loris
Eco Councillors for Y3

We are going to be starting an Eco club next term for yrs 1, 2 & 3. Watch out for details coming soon!

We are also going to go litter picking and will invite other students to join us.

We went on a trip to a recycling place and took some things with us to recycle. It was very interesting.

If you have any ideas about how we can help the environment talk to your class eco councillor.